Body Burn is a total body sculpting class that targets each muscle group effectively to completely transform your body. The barre-based class incorporates strength training, intervals of cardio, core strengthening and stretching to effectively improve endurance and flexibility.  Small, intense and targeted movements using light weights, overload the muscles to the point of fatigue, you will leave feeling the burn and accomplished.

Body Burn classes are are energetic, intense, fast paced and all set to your favorite music to help push and motivate you through every minute of your burn. Challenging? Yes, but not to worry, all classes are open level and our well trained instructors will tailor each class to the appropriate level. Every student from newbies to

'Barre Experts" will feel challenged.  We keep it exciting, no class is ever the same! The results include reshaping the body, creating elongated, lean, strong and toned muscles. Body Burn is a gift to yourself that keeps on giving-now get that burn going and let's BODY BURN!

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